Patrick Sasso

Patrick Sasso is a Photographer and DP and the Creative Director and Co-Founder of Loop Seven, (a company which represents) the corporate embodiment of a lifetime passion for music and the visual arts.

As many artists, Sasso’s passion took root in early childhood. His initiation to music began at 4 years old, his formal drawing and painting training started at 9 and his first contact with film photography took place at 13 years old when he borrowed his father’s Nikon to take pictures of exotic cars. Music, art and film have since intermingled into a treasured obsession in which Sasso invested his whole life.

Editorial & Documentary

As a Director and Filmmaker possibly the most important aspect of documentary and editorial photography is the art of observation combined with the ability to blend in and become a part of the subject's environment.

Product & Lifestyle

The products may be different, but the approach is the same—get great lighting. Without the right lighting, some products—especially reflective products—can end up with unattractive reflections. Special attention to detail is important for the consumer to 'experience' the product remotely.

Event Promotion

Business expos, PR events, dinners and galas. It's not enough to take good photos, the photographer needs to be ready, be on the lookout and anticipate the next great moment.

Portraits & Headshots

What makes a great headshot besides a great photo? A relaxed subject. The photographer needs to have a special talent for putting the subject at ease. Of course great lighting and a keen eye for closed eyes is greatly appreciated.


Food photography is a specialized set of photography that requires a food stylist as well as a product stylist. We'll ensure your products is paired with the best stylist and we'll ensure that it is shot with the most flattering lighting.

Special Projects

Travel, editorial, sporting events and 'day-in-the-life' series.